Secrets PR Reps Won’t Tell Bloggers (But I Would!)

My friend AB and Me were chatting about blogging and SEO, when we touched on her Dear PR post. She had an idea of coming up with a response to Dear PR, which is Dear Blogger.

I volunteered to write it for her, which you’ll read on her blog soon. This inspired me to share some secrets of what PR reps feel, do and think when dealing with bloggers. Bear in mind that these come from collective experience–stories shared, personal experience, etc.

Love it!

1. When you tell us privately that you have a problem with our agency or our client. It tells us you are a decent human being and that you care enough to share your feedback.

2. When you recommend bloggers, who you think are interesting or worth communicating with

3. When you share dirt about other bloggers because you help us be more careful

4. When you share what our competitors are doing

5. Seeing personal blog posts that show who you are, what you do (aside from blogging), and what/who you care about

6. When you are kind to us

7. When we become friends and our relationship is more than just blogger-PR.


Hate it!

1. When you copy/paste press materials. It doesn’t look good when we report it to our clients.

2. When you do not reply to our invites. Be decent enough to confirm or decline. We hate it when you just show up without notice.

3. When you only approach us when you need something from us (sponsorship, blog giveaways, etc)

4. When all we can read in your blog is brand-related articles

5. Poor grammar. Occasional lapses, fine. Poor grammar all throughout, unforgivable.

6. OOTDs. Please find something else to write or IG about.

7. When you host too many giveaways. It makes for a messy blog.


Yes, we do these!

1. We gossip about you. We know what you do with those extra loots you got. We know who took home five gift packs. We know who gatecrashed which event.

2. We tell our friends, colleagues, and clients who are the good bloggers and who are the bad ones. In the same manner that we consult one another for feedback about bloggers we are not familiar with. Forward and CC are our favorite email functions.

3. There are bloggers, who we will NEVER, EVER invite. EVER.

4. We play favorites. There are bloggers, who will always be part of the list that we recommend to clients.

5. Our favorite bloggers are not always the most popular. Sometimes, we tolerate the popular bloggers because, well, they are popular. But if we can have it our way, we’ll push for nicer bloggers.

6. Sometimes, we don’t believe that what you are charging for your services is worth it.

7. Treating us kindly will go a long way.


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