My Digital Journey (So Far)


This is a modified version of a blog post I wrote here.

I am a digital immigrant as I was born before 1985, the beginning of the Digital Age. My first taste of using a computer was in 1992 when my older brother taught me how to use WordStar, the predecessor of Microsoft Word. I was in sixth grade that time.

I went through my high school and college years without so much a need to use the computer. I would only use our desktop computer for my school paper. We didn’t have Internet connection back then and it was only in 1999 that I discovered the Internet.

Working in the digital field was never my plan. Back then, digital was something I did on my free time. It wasn’t even considered “real work.” But God brings you to different life paths and exposes you to things that will eventually lead you to something. One of these paths took me to the digital world.

When I look back at my life, I could plot my digital journey and how I started here. It’s amazing to realize that all those pro-bono work I did online would culminate with my work as a digital marketer.

1999: My first Yahoo! email. Although Gmail is my default email now, I still keep that email address for posterity because it was my brother who created that for me. Back then, Yahoo! had chat rooms. I remember chatting regularly with a Filipino studying at University of California Irvine.


2000: Oows! This was the youth portal of Business World. It was my first time to write for an online publication. Around this time, I also discovered online fora. I was an active member of GirlTalk, which is surprisingly still around. Hanging out at forums taught me to be patient (daming trolls), and how to be a troll (pang-asar sa mods). I also learned to observe how people behave online.


2002: Geocities was alive then and you can create websites from Geocities. I remember creating a super pangit Geocities website for one of my MBA classes.


2003: Hello, Friendster. The novelty of using Friendster, however, quickly wore out. You couldn’t do anything except ask friends for testi!


2004: I joined a Yahoogroups group because I was transitioning to a new life. I was pretty active here and in just a few months, Mimma promoted me to be one of the moderators. Like hanging out in online forums, I got to observe the different online behaviors of people.

I also transitioned to corporate communication work. My first project was the development of our corporate website. This was the first honest-to-goodness digital project I did.


2006: I left that Yahoogroups group and graduated to the next level. That group is still under Mimma. And just like before, I was promoted to become one of the mods. Around this time, I also became active in PinoyMoneyTalk, an online community that shares information about personal finance. Naging mod din ako dito. All these mod works were pro-bono. It was something I did because it was fun.

I also dabbled with Multiply although just like in Friendster, the novelty of blogging quickly wore off.


2008: Hello, Facebook! This was where I learned a lot about online behavior and how to tweak my security settings. LOL! I learned how to block people on Facebook. 😀 I also started a blog called Pinay and Money.


2009: My colleague and I created the digital accounts for our company. It was an experiment lang because back then, di pa uso sa mga Philippine brands na magkaroon ng presence online. Malay ba namin kung saan papunta ito.


2010: I was formally transferred to work on corporate digital. I was handling internal comm for six years and my boss then said I should try handling digital naman. One of the projects I remain proud of is Unilab Active Health. Yes, that brand behind the hugely successful Run United. I’m still an admin of that page but the new team is the one that updates it. Kaya na nila and I’m so proud of them!

I also went back to blogging, courtesy of Women’s Central. This was the year that I was active in the blogging community and got even invited to a lot of brand events.


2012-2013: I created and managed other social media accounts in the office like CarbTrim, Pure ‘n Fresh, Celeteque, Asian Secrets, Asian Secrets Whitening Spa, among others. Some social media accounts I created and managed have been deactivated na but some still remain.


2014: Fast forward to 2014, I made a name in digital marketing in the office. I am still learning as I go along and don’t have any illusions that I am great at what I do. I am and will always be a student of digital.

It was a journey that I didn’t realize would take me to where I am today. I love what I do and I love that I get paid to do what I love to do. I’m excited where this journey would take me.


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