It’s a Spam!

The irony is that I just had spam for breakfast.

I received this text message from PureGold.


I am 100% sure that I never subscribed to this. I don’t do my grocery in PureGold and I haven’t been to any PureGold outlet in years. So, why am I receiving this?

If you can notice it, the sender’s name is masked as PureGold. This means it’s official and the sender has an official access to a network’s text blast system.

I know this because I use a similar facility for our employees. So, why am I receiving this again? The worse thing about this is that the text blast doesn’t give the recipients any option to unsubscribe.

I reported this to Globe and its Twitter account said its staff will do something about it. Let’s see.


Globe, through its Twitter account, has informed me that the text is a infotext and not a spam or scam.


I never doubted that it’s a scam but the mere fact that I never subscribed to any PureGold text makes me consider this as a spam. Sorry but I’m not going to disregard it because it’s annoying.

So, Globe, how do I opt out of this?